Our Story

The Polka Dots Play Café team strives to create a place that fosters creativity for children and builds a sense of community and social interaction for adults.

Owners Phil and Leigha Reinbrecht are Haubstadt, Indiana natives and parents to six children.

Being a stay at home mom for many years, Leigha can attest to the fact that often times parents tend to feel trapped inside of their own home with their own kids just longing to get out and go somewhere.

During the long winter months when it’s too cold to play outside and the dog days of summer when it’s just too hot, it sounds so dreamy to just get out of the house and find a little change of scenery.

It became a dream of Leigha’s to create a place that would do just this…a place that would serve the community in more ways than one!

It is their hope and prayer that this space will be one where you will feel welcome, relaxed, refreshed, and at home.

Most importantly, they want to provide a venue that both adults and children will look forward to visiting!

Meet The Reinbrecht Family

We are so grateful to have an opportunity to serve our community, and we pray that all who visit are blessed!

Phil, Leigha, Scarlett, Tripp, Myles, Gus, Hank, and Dottie

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