Put Family Fun Back on the Schedule

Polka Dots Play Cafe was thoughtfully designed for the enjoyment of both kids and grown-ups alike!  Our state of the art play space leaves kids begging to come back for more fun, and parents are happy to oblige!  Our cozy cafe is the perfect spot for parents and caregivers to relax, socialize, or get some work done all with their kids in sight.

Kids Play Areas

Designed for children ages 7 and under

Polka Dots Play Café aims to provide kids the opportunity to play, learn, and grow. Our play areas focus on growing children’s natural ability to develop important motor, play, and social skills. Let your children explore our age-appropriate play areas, and watch your little one’s imagination run wild! 

Gross Motor Play

Gross motor skills are foundational skills that involve bigger movements using large muscle groups – arms, legs, feet, and trunks – to move the body.

Fine Motor Play

Fine motor skills involve the coordinated efforts of the brain and muscles, and they’re built on the gross motor skills that allow us to make bigger movements.

Visual Motor Play

Visual motor play refers to the ability to translate a visual image, or a visual plan, into an accurate motor action. 

Imaginative Play

When a child uses their imagination to play, the benefits can include the development of social skills, emotional skills, language skills, independence, creativity and even problem-solving. 

Pricing & Memberships

Ways to Play & Pay

We are open daily through the week for open play. Guests may pay to play each visit, or make the most of your experience (and save) by purchasing a play pack or by becoming a member. Pay in person, online, or contact us.

1-Day Play

Pay when you play
$ 10 per child/per day
  • Cross some items off your list while your child plays

Play Pack

Buy 10 days and save!
$ 80 for 10 days of play
  • Each

Become A Member

Monthly & Annual Plans
$ for 10 days of play
  • Enjoy unlimited visits, special discounts, and other exclusive offers.
Benefits all guests will enjoy

Safe, indoor play with nearby café and restrooms along with regular cleaning of high-touch surfaces.

Parents, guardians, and siblings under 6 months of age are complimentary.

Free complimentary Wi-fi, outlet access, and café seating for parents and caregivers to enjoy while their kids play.

Things To Know Before You Visit


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